• Suzanne Moseley

Video Lessons! For Free!

I am currently working on short, 5 to 10 minute video courses for creating artwork, business side of art, marketing, and just about any art related topic you can think of!

I hope to have the first set completed by mid to late June 2020. I will post them here in my blog as well, and on my YouTube channel.

If you haven't already, please feel free to join my Facebook Art Group called: Artistic Techniques and Critiques. In the group, we cover a variety of topics covering almost all mediums, and all artist levels. It is an open forum for questions and sharing not only artwork, but also art sales, art supply trades, competitions, etc.

Down the line, as I develop more content, I will also start both a Patreon page to help fund the costs involved in creating these lessons, but also a page to incorporate a deeper learning environment in this age of social distancing.

My entire goal is to help artists blossom and explore!


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