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Join My Facebook Group To Learn Art!

I started the Artistic Techniques And Critiques group January of 2020 as an avenue to share information to all levels of learners about topics they may not have come across or considered, or topics they may want to discuss and explore further through discussion and trail and error. The group is friendly and active.

Each week I share information on themed topics. You can also access prior topics by scrolling through the timeline at any time.

Anyone may share their artwork. You may ask for a critique, or decline one.

We also post competitions and art supply sales. The entire goal is to help artists grow in their medium and in their community!

To access the group, click the link below:

October 3, 2020 Oil Workshop!

Be sure to mark your calendar! This workshop will be hosted in Rockwall, Texas by the Rockwall Art League. You do not need to be a member to sign up, but there are a lot of benefits to being a member! Click here if you are interested in the league!

The focus of this workshop is not just to paint with me, but I will be focusing sections of time for direct teaching.


I will cover ways to speed up your process and improve accuracy from the very start of the painting process. By starting a painting the right way, you will find the process of a painting easier, faster, and less frustrating. Also covered: ways to speed up drying time, color mixing, underpainting, when to varnish, fur types from short to long, striped fur, eyes. As well as explaining some of the mysteries of oil painting that may seem overwhelming to a new comer.

Oil painting is liberating, luminous, and very easy once you understand some basic information. It is also much easier than many people believe it to be.

What Will We Be Painting?

We'll be painting a tiger! This will allow us to cover a wide gamut of fur types all in one package. Not to mention they're beautiful!

Artist Levels:

All levels are welcome! This can be your very first oil painting, or your hundredth. There will be information shared that all levels can use. The class will be approached at a beginner level, but geared to progress beginners into professionals surprisingly fast.


Canvas: I will provide the canvas which will be pre-prepped with a drawing and coated with a fixative spray to protect the line work of the drawing as paint is applied.

Brushes: 4 and/or 6 Filbert, 8 or 10 Flat, 2 or 4 Round.

Paint: Oil only please, as this will be a focus on oils. If you do not have oils, I will provide enough paint for the session for a small additional charge of $7.00 per person to cover cost.

Where and When:

Harry Myers Community Center

815 E Washington St.

Rockwall, TX 75087

October 8, 2020

9AM to 3PM


The sign-up page is not yet available, but you can PRE-SIGN UP BY CLICKING HERE! This will allow me to send you a notice with a link to the sign up page once it becomes available.


Class : $75.00 per person

Class plus oil paint: $82.00

Prior Events

Moonlit Serenity 22x28 - Available!

2nd Place Award Winner!

I am happy to report that I won the Fall Show at the Dutch Art Gallery with second place ribbon  out of over 70 entries for the painting to the left, "Moonlit Serenity", a 22x28" oil painting.

This painting is available through The Dutch Art Gallery In Dallas, Texas.

If you are interested in purchasing this award winning painting, click on the image to the left to be redirected to the gallery's site.



Artist Statement:


As an artist, using contrasts such as light in darkness and texture against smoothness, gives life to the painting and helps with projecting an overall atmosphere to the piece. With Moonlit Serenity,  I wanted to use the drama of chiaroscuro (Italian name for an artistic style that uses contrasting light against dark for dramatic effect) to share a sense of calm and quiet in spite of the sharp contrasts.

Art Demonstration:

I will be doing a demo for the Rockwall Art League on Thursday March 27th and showing my process of painting in oil from start to finish.

UPDATE: The demo went wonderfully! Thoroughly enjoyed sharing my methods with a big group. They asked a ton of fantastic questions.


Demon at the Dutch Art Gallery

Art Demonstrations:

The Dutch Art Gallery is hosting an art demo by me on Saturday. I will be working on a leopard in oil painting. Details below, I look forward to seeing you there!


UPDATE: The demo went amazingly. Lots of great questions asked, and people have asked me to teach classes. I will be working on a workshop and hope to have something ready in the Spring 2019. The Dutch Art Gallery has graciously offered to host. Details to come! Be sure to sign up for the newsletter for updates.

rockwall demo 1.png

I am extremely happy to share that The Dutch Art Gallery accepted two of my works into their beautiful gallery and Spring juried art show the "Call of the Wild". The Show is from May 20, 2017 through July 29, 2017.

I am a huge fan of their gallery and encourage anyone in the Dallas / Fort Worth area to visit them at:

10233 Northwest Hwy #420,
Dallas, TX 75238

UPDATE: I am happy to announce that my Tiger oil painting won first place in the show! I am floating on cloud nine! Both of the paintings that I submitted sold before they were even hung up on the wall!

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